Leviathan perspective

The Rubicon is the first leviathan class battleship to be built under the supervision of Adeptus Ultima.

Upon being built it assumed the role as flagship for KoR Naval forces in I05 and took part in all major battles against GO®® and DL, and only returned to Macrage to restock, rearm and refuel.

When GO®® and DL launched their full scale invasion of KoR space The Rubicon, along with the rest of the fleet, was sent to Macrage the secure HQ stationed there, but being a leviathan class it was always sent to liberate friendly planets from occupational fleets in orbit. When enemies attacked Macrage The Rubicon recieved orders to remain in orbit in order to make sure the fleet HQ and great shipyards remained intact. When the defenses of Macrage fell The Rubicon was the only ship that managed to escape the inevitable destruction all KoR fleet in the sector.


The current status of The Rubicon is unknown to all except Adeptus Ultima himself. It's said that it's dormant, with minimum crew beyond the halo stars, awaiting the right time to liberate the imperium.


  • In addition to standard leviathan class weaponry The Rubicon is also armed with a nova cannon. (added just prior to the siege of Macrage)
  • On the port side wall of the bridge there's a plaque made of diamond dedicated to the to its sisterships, the leviathan class battleships Omnissah and Gungnir, lost during the second battle of Terra.
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